From the Cross Timbers Gazette:

The town’s 2017 Outstanding Citizen of the Year, Marilyn Lawson, announced Don McDaniel was selected as the 2018 Outstanding Citizen of the Year for his longtime volunteer hours, both as an individual and as a member of many civic groups, including The Summit Club.

“I met him years ago at a Hilltop [Park] clean-up,” said Lawson, longtime president of Keep Flower Mound Beautiful. “He’s a member of The Summit Club, the Mound Foundation and lead a recent blood drive for someone who needed it.”

McDaniel credited others who have supported him and added that, although he didn’t submit any nominations for 2018, he will next year. He said he knows so many residents who meet the criteria of: “making a positive impact on and enhancing the lives in the community.”

“I’m really touched,” he said. “David, who helped all the people in east Texas to build new homes; Al Picardi had the blood drive idea– all I did was pick up the phone– and my wife makes all the signs [shown in a photo collage presentation on McDaniel].”