Good Neighbor Program

The Summit Club participates in the Tom Thumb Good Neighbor program.  This program is where you associate the club’s account number to your individual account.  The Summit Club then receives a quarterly check of 1% of the total dollars spent by all the individuals that have associated their individual account with the clubs number of 13207.

You associate the account number 13207 to your Remarkable/Reward Card by filling out a Charity Addition/Deletion form found at, then clicking the Community Caring button at the bottom of the home page, and clicking on the Good Neighbor Program logo.  Once this completed form is filled out and turned in at the Courtesy Booth, the Club’s number will be activated on your Remarkable/Reward account.  From that point on, the grocery purchases will be recorded automatically to the Summit Club’s Good Neighbor account.  Randall’s/Tom Thumb will keep a running total and each quarter will send a check for one percent of the total amount.

Please sign up and help us out!