When the Summit Club decided NOT to produce a calendar of its members shirtless, the town of Flower Mound gave a collective sigh of relief.  Now it appears that fears have subsided too quickly.   The Summit Club is considering producing a calendar of its members wearing ONLY aprons.  When asked for a quote on the matter, one of the members blurted out: “Is there a breeze in here?

When one of the benefactors of the Summit Club, the Flower Mound Professional Firefighters Association, heard about this “apron calendar“, they were amused and mildly stunned.  One of the FM firefighters is on record as saying: “We really love the hotdogs and all that the Summit Club does for us, especially during our open house.  However, I think they need to stick with what they do best.”  A senior firefighter official chimed in: “I totally agree.  When it comes to making a member calendar; we got this!”

For now, the residents of Flower Mound can only hope that the Summit Club gains some clarity on the matter and realizes that aprons only and hot grills just do NOT mix.