Additional Team Members ($25 each)

T-Shirts - ($20 each)

Waiver/Release: Conditioned upon consideration of being an accepted participant, the undersigned waives any right which he/she may have or may have in the future for injuries or damage occurring or caused by being a participant and does hereby release: The Summit Club of Flower Mound, its officers, directors and members, Event Sponsors and the owners, management and staff of Parker Square and Parker Square Assets LLC, during the Flower Mound Smoke Fest setup, duration and cleanup, from any and all claims, demands, obligations, losses, cause of action, costs, expenses, attorney’s fees and liabilities or any nature whatsoever, for any damages or injury occurring to the undersigned arising out of before, during and after said participation in above mentioned events, whether based on contract, tort, or statutory or other legal or equitable theory of recovery, whether known or unknown.
By checking the box below, I acknowledge that I have read the above waiver, have shared and communicated the terms and conditions of the waiver with my team members and I/we understand and respectfully agree with the terms of this waiver. We furthermore agree to abide by the rules established for the Flower Mound Smoke Fest, the Lone Star Barbecue Society and the Summit Club of Flower Mound.

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